Frog Pond Commons

Frog Pond Commons

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Eli Spivak, developer.

His work over the last 20 years inspires many of the design features and concepts for Frog Pond Commons.

Cully Grove built in 2014 is where Eli and his family live. There are 16 homes on almost 2 acres.  The common building and garden are centrally located at natural crossing points in the pedestrian circulation pattern, and homes are clustered onto relatively small lots so substantial portions of the site can remain as open space.

Frog Pond Commons is lucky enough as we go forward to have experienced help: 

Rick Gustafson and Kim Knox from Shiels Obletz Johnsen, who were the project managers for Columbia Ecovillage, and

Rebecca Tom, legal counsel for both Columbia Ecovillage and Orange Splot.